And the effect it has on you

What is Marijuana exactly?

Marijuana is a drug made up of dried, shredded leaves, and seeds of the Hemp plant. It also contains an account of 400 other chemicals. Marijuana is a mind altering drug that can change the way your brain works. It is usually found in cigarettes, but has been put into other things such as pipes and other cigarettes called blunts, which contains Crack & Cocaine.

Monday, Dec. 17th 2012 at 5:45pm

Vancouver, Washington

On a late Monday night, 47 year old Scotty R. Rowles, hits a pedestrian crossing the road after using Marijuana. The victim has not yet been identified, but has been pronounced as dead. Scotty's family members admit that Scotty had been using Marijuana earlier in the day.
Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana

Interesting Facts

1.Marijuana has been around for thousands of years. Ancient China has used it for medical uses,food,fuel and clothing. It is known to still be used for all those purposes today.

2) More than 800,000 people are arrested each year for smoking Marijuana.

3.) In 2003, Canada became the world's first country to offer medical Marijuana to pain-suffering patients.

4.) Marijuana was easily able to be obtained in pharmacy's until the early 1940's when people found out it was dangerous.

5.) George Washington planted marijuana up on his Mt. Vernon estate. Soon other Americans where demanding more marijuana for ropes on ships when it's growth went down. But soon, restrictions were put on it.

6.) Marijuana was used to fight during World War 2. Government encouraged farmers to plant it to use it for things that might have use in the army such as ropes and medicine. But soon after, laws were put on it.