Alicia Keys

By:Xandra Soto

Alicia keys is well known because of her singing ,songwriting ,and acting

Important steps Alicia took to be successful

*Alicia went to the professional performing art school in New York City when she was only 12

*Alicia met Conrad Robinson who got his brother a record producer to listen to Alicia sing and became her manager

*Alicia got introduced to Clive Davis a producer he got many albums produced for Alicia and helped Alicia get to the top.

Things, places and people that are important to Alicia / Alicia started a charity for sick people in Africa I Am / one of her most famous albums that sold 742,000 copies in 1 week.

3.the secret life if bees/ a film that she acted in She played one of the raising sisters

Interesting facts

*Alicias real name is Alicia Augello Cook

* Alicia grew up in Harlem

*in 2002 Alicia won 5 grammys

*Alicia Keys Wrote a book in 2009 called tears of water

*Alicia attended the inoguration of Barack Obama

Choosing a path to fame

When Alicia was small she lived in the ghetto she grew up around people that made bad choices.But Instead of Alicia getting into trouble she turned to music and got a carrier in the music idustry.
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