Monthly Meeting

Celebrating Friendship

February is Here and so is our Friendship Celebration

This month we are happy to share friendship day at our school. We will have food, games, music, and raffles. Each grade level will represent a different ethnicity in celebrating Friendship, allowing students to showcase and represent their customs, traditions, and folklore. Raffle's donations will be used for our community playground.


This month's Friendship Celebration is a great opportunity for you to come and explore the different customs, traditions, and folklore along with your child/ren. Teachers will be providing useful information for you to use at home with your children in preparation for the upcoming Spring Testing. Come and share a fun day, full of information and positive relationships, that foster and cultivate a healthy education and celebrates student's ethnicities.

Friendship Celebration

Friday, Feb. 5th, 9am

Elementary School

We will be celebrating our Nationalities' Friendship tradition, with foods, games, music, and raffles. Our student's, Parent's, Families' and community's culture, will be well represented by our different grade levels. Come and celebrate with us our Friendship Day, be a part of your student's learning by embracing diversity within our school community, and help your child/ren discover his/her culture identity with his/her classroom/school.
9:00am-9:20am Event introduction in the multipurpose room. (Spanish and English)

9:25am-9:45am 1st Rotation (Information for parents in the multipurpose room in English)

9:50am-10:10am 2nd Rotation

10:15am-10:35am 3rd Rotation

10:40am-11:00am 4th Rotation (Information for parents in the multipurpose room in Spanish)


MARCH is your chance to volunteer in our Bingo/Loteria night. We will use all donations toward our Community Playground. We are getting closer to our goal!

APRIL is our Movie Under the Stars, bring your blanket and snacks. PTO will be providing our big screen and projector. The movie will be held in our green area. We are still looking for volunteers. Also, don't forget to send in your votes for the feature movie.

May is Mother's day month/celebration. Get in contact with classroom teachers to provide ideas for this celebration, be an active parent. Diaz-Rico (2000) argues that students who feel proud of their cultures when learning a second language, tend to have a higher rate of acquisition (as cited in Sousa, 2011). Also, when parents participate as role models, children are more likely to follow their steps. Being an active parent only adds to positive outcomes for their children.

Remember volunteer, volunteer, volunteer, and be a part of your children's learning.

You are always welcome at our community school!

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