Team Diamond Be-Dazzled

Who is Ready for an A-MAY-Zing May??


I can't stop thinking about everything we accomplished in April! I have no doubt that May will be just as record breaking!!!

Who Has a Big Hairy Audacious Goal To Achieve???

Goals Goals Goals and Celebration!

Need a Little Pampering? I'd Love to Treat You to a Day at the Spa!

Because I am so excited and a little scared about this huge goal I have set...I know that I will definitely want a little pampering when we achieve it and I want to treat you too! I don't have all the details yet, but it will include eats, pedicures, massages/facials...lets just say a day of pampering on me! How can you join me on this spa day??

Sell $1500 retail in both May and June and Sponsor and Qualify 2 new stylists

- This is so doable! With 2-3 trunk shows each month you will easily meet the sales portion of this goal and qualifying 2 new stylists means they sign up and go on to sell $500 retail in a month.

Who is in?