The App that formulates time like you !

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Get the feeling !

writtenWatch formulates time in the way you would formulate it, whereby it creates a certain closeness to the user. You will forget, how a „conventional“ clock looks like and devote yourself to the simplicity and the delightful time display.

About the developer

Hi, my name is Amir Dagustany !
I'm a 17 year old software developer living in Germany, whose passion is to develop applications for IOS and for educational purposes for Windows in my leisure time.
I remember well my first PC (with Win 95 ^^), which I got at the early age of 3. I did my first steps on the internet and learned the basic tasks of an OS. I was astonished at the scope of this fabulous device!
During the years I explored nearly everything to what I was able to do as a User of a Computer, so that at the age of 13 I started to discover the world of programming with Visual Basic and later with Visual C#, because I was used to just use a PC. I really wanted to find out, what's behind this genious tool.
After 2 years of exploring the opportunities of software development and the fun you can have while practising it, I got my first Macintosh. This was the chance to develop applications for Apple Devices (which was one of my biggest dreams, because I'm a big Apple fan), so that I started learning Objective C with Xcode in Fall 2012.

Now, I'm very proud to introduce my first official IOS Application: writtenWatch. Look it up ! ;)