The 4 generations of Computers

By Kareema Anjum

1st Generation

The first generation of computers was called colossus. It was the first electronic digital computer that was programmable. It used thermionic waves (vacuum tubes). It was developed by Tommy Flowers and used for the British code breaking for the world war 2. It reigned from 1940-1956.

2nd Generation

The second generation of computers was not made from vacuum but from the first transistors. This was much better than the first generation as the first the generation used vacuum tubes which were unreliable and bulky and produced a lot of heat. The second generations of computers lasted from 1956-1963

3rd Generation

The third generation was integrated circuits which was transistors made smaller and placed on silicon ships. This increased the speed and monitors and keyboards were introduced and more the can one program could be used at once. The third generation lasted from 1964-1971.

4th Generation

The fourth generation was microprocessors. From the first generation which was big as a room now is as big as your palm. Thousands and thousands of integrated circuits were put into one silicon chips. It located all the central processing units and input and output devices into one silicon chip. This started from 1971 until now. the fifth generation is still yet to be built and is artificial intelligence with voice recognition and so on.