Alcohol Causes A Free-For-All

The Effects Alcohol Has On You


Alcohol is a type of drug known as a depressent, this so called drug is what people drink almost everyday what they don't know is how much it actually hurts them.

Health Problems

The first reason alcohol is dangerous to drink is because it causes intoxication. Intoxication is where the body tries to rid itself of the alcohol you have drinken and depending on 4 ways that can change the effect that it has on you. The main way the body rids itself is by a hangover. In a hangover you may have symptoms like a headache or even passout because of the alcohol being removed from your bloodstream.

Loss Of Motor Controls

Another way alcohol can cause damage physically is loss of motor control. This not only hurts the drinker physically but, the family emotionally. Unfortunatly most alcoholics don't realize the fact that thier reflexes are slowed which is only one part in most car crashes with alcohol included. Another way the loss can occur is the fact your vision becomes blurred after the alcohol gets further into your system. Did you know that about 40% of all U.S car accidents are alcohol related? Crazy Right?

Relationship Problems

Drinking Alcohol can also cause the effect where you fight with your friends,family,or anyone of that matter. That is because it damages brain cells causing you to act abnormal. This Problems name is Relationship problems, although there are many different programs to help. Some of them include AA or alcoholics anonymous and also Al-Anon. AA is to help the alcoholics personally while Al-Anon is for the friends and family of the alcoholic.

This website help acoholics find meetings to help control thier disease

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