By: Alex Gino

The Story about George

George was in middle school and was growing up to find out who she really is. In the book George knows from even when she was little that she knew she was a girl. George is a girl in a boy's body. George goes through the entire story trying to let her family know that she is transgender by playing a part in the school play the charlotte's web and being charlotte, and she thinks that mind show her family that she is transgender.


I thought the book was good and it really shows what's inside of the mind of a transgender. I recommend this book for anybody that thinks that their transgender, because they could relate. If you like secrets with a little drama this book is for you.

About the Author

The author Alex Gino that made this book, is also a transgender. She had to deal with the problems that George had in the book also. Alex Gino says that she made George very similar to her.