Lucy Stone

the abolitionist

Lucy Stone was born in August 13, 1818 and died October 19 1893. She had nine siblings and her parents were both Aborigines. Lucy was one of the people that made the national anti- slavery convention. Today she is known for one of the women that made it possible for women to vote in 1920.
Lucy Stone
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How she died and what she accomplished

When Lucy Stone was 95 she died of stomach cancer. She was diagnosed in September and died in October 19, 1893. She soon found work with the American Anti-Slavery Society. In 1850 she was one of the people that made the first national Women's Rights Convention. It also launched her career as a public speaker. Soon she was going around through out America to find a way for women to vote and that is why her speaches are so popular. That made her one of the people that made voting possible for women in 1920.