Socratic Seminar

How did our seminar help us form an opinion? Watch and see.

Inner and Outer Circle Socratic Seminar

Students in the inner circle began the discussion on whether bold actions are worth the risk while the outer circle recorded their partner's contribution. Then after eight minutes of sharing, students had an opportunity to talk to their partner. This allowed them to ask how they were doing and gather feedback. Afterwards, students sealed up their contribution with five more minutes of discussion. Then the inner circle became the outer circle, and the same discourse ensued.

Socratic Seminar Videos

What Now?

Students will use their findings to write an essay on whether bold actions are worth the risk. They have done plenty of work to prepare for this, including making a Smore on real life bold actions, like skydiving or lion taming, reading Blood on the River to locate textual evidence, and reading other selected texts for the same. Students are currently working on how to write an outline to assist them in the writing of their essay. Their essay will be due at the end of class Friday after some peer reviewing and a revision to happen throughout the week.