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A glimpse into your child's week! January 12 - 16

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Greetings from Third Grade!

Today marked the end of the 2nd Marking Period. Is it hard to believe that your child is halfway to 4th Grade?! Report cards are in the works and will be sent home with your child next Friday, 1/23.

A new marking period marks a new chance to try again. Please remind your child of this!

Students received a new AR Goal sheet today and have been instructed to place it in their binder rings and leave it there. They began to work towards their new goal this afternoon.

I am trying to keep each subject below, narrowed down to the most important things your child should have learned this week. This has been done in an effort to keep this from becoming too wordy, but more importantly, to allow you to be informed of quick tidbits of learning that you can reinforce in everyday life.

In case you are wondering what the picture of the boxes is for..... THE CHROME BOOKS ARE HERE!!!! For more information on why we are getting the kids hooked on Google Chrome through the use of Chrome books, see the video below:

Google Docs in Plain English

SCIENCE - Sound Energy

This week we practiced more sound discrimination with a fun online activity. We also discussed volume and pitch. Students learned that these two concepts are very different from one another:

VOLUME - how LOUD or SOFT a sound is

PITCH - how HIGH or LOW the tone is

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies, we read but the Hopewell tribe, the first tribe in Michigan. We also learned more about the Fur Trade. Next week we will wrap up the study of the native peoples and move on to the impact the early settlers had on them.


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In Math we've begun Topic 7, an introduction to Division. We were not able to move beyond the first lesson this week, because students are still really struggling with their basic multiplication facts. The graphic above is representative of the direction we will be headed.

Because math fact fluency is necessary for division, we spent this week working on memorizing facts. Students have been asked to devote some time each day over the long weekend to make sure their facts are mastered. This has been an initiative since the beginning of December and is completely reasonable. Next week we will begin Division again, and will start by reviewing Lesson 7-1.


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All students have now be re-administered teh DRA, reading assessment. This assessment was given one-on-one and allows me to know at exactly what level your child is INDEPENDENTLY reading. This will be reported out of the report card coming home next Friday, 1/23.

Our focus of instruction will be switching from fiction to non-fiction in the coming weeks. This is typically a bit harder. Your child will now be encouraged to check out at least one Non-Fiction book in the library each week.

We will also begin a new shared novel, A Lion to Guard Us. It will serve as a nice way to end our day each day and also helps support some of the content we'll be covering in Social Studies.


Students were introduced to the main components of a realistic fiction story. All realistic fiction stories must have:

- a realistic story idea (believable!)

- a character who wants or needs something

- a problem

- a solution

We've begun to read some examples of realistic fiction (most picture books) as well. Next week we will get closer to picking out realistic fiction story idea.


Due to next week being a three-day week, we will resume Vocabulary Instruction on 1/26.


Link to our Class Schedule

Coming Soon!

For now:

Tuesdays - Library 2:45 - 3:30

Fridays - Computer Lab 10:00 - 11:00

Mon/Wed = Gym, Tues/Thurs = Music, Fri = Movement


Jan 19 - NO SCHOOL (MLK Jr. Day)

Jan 20 - NO SCHOOL (Records Day)

Jan 21-23 Star Student - Isaiah Gibbs

Jan 23 - Report Cards will be sent home with Students

Jan 26 - 30 Star Student - Carter Rhoads

Feb 2 - Mother/Son Bowling

Feb 7 - Daddy/Daughter Dance

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