A Message from your Brain

To You


I am your brain, and I have a message for you. At this point in time you probably already know the school rules and what happens when you break them: Silent lunch, a parent call, detention, or exclusion from an activity. The last one is very important, so listen.


Hold up, let's backtrack for a second. Search me for knowledge, have you ever had a "bad day"? Of course you have, everyone has one every now and then. Think back to it, how did you function in class? Was your work different from when you're having a good day? Chances are that you weren't very focused and/or working as hard as you normally do. If you weren't focused or working hard, you may have gotten in trouble. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Where This Ties Together

At this point, it should be clear to you that students with a more positive emotional state won't get in trouble as often. Kids with a negative emotional state will get into trouble more often, resulting in exclusion from fun activities such as hands-on projects and field trips. I want you to think about something, which of these activities sounds more fun to you: Taking notes on a lecture in dark classroom, or running around outside solving puzzles? Obviously, most kids want to be outside enjoying themselves, are you starting to catch on? People have more fun participating in activities that others in worse moods will be banned from. If this continues, we'll be stuck in an endless loop of ignorance. Be sure to let your teachers know that when the class isn't doing their work, it's about time for a hands-on project.