Events 21 C and D this week

More Figures of Speech

Important News: First Quarter Ends Tuesday 3/24

The third quarter of the course ends on Tuesday 3/24.

All Events 18-20 are part of the 3rd quarter.

I will report your grade, but if you have not yet completed Events 18-20, please keep working, as I will have the chance to update those grades later!

Let me know when you complete work with 0s, so that I can remove the 0. And just keep swimming!

Rhetorical Devices

Rhetorical Devices! Figures of Speech! (Are you excited yet?)

Here's the definition of 'rhetorical' according to Merriam Webster.

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So, why are we studying Rhetorical Devices?

So that we can appreciate them when we see them in the Latin we read. We've read Catullus; we've read Ovid, but the master of rhetoric in Latin was Cicero. And we are about to get started reading some of his work. Now, you might appreciate him because he's writing prose instead of poetry, but I hop you can also appreciate the way he has with words. And the rhetorical devices he uses are just a art of that.
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Kudos to Kyle and Laken, who worked on Latin this weekend!