Drug advertisement

Rules and regulations

What do these ads have to tell you?

-At least one approved use for the drug

-The name of the drug

-Every risk for the drug usage

What do these ads not have to tell you?

-What the drug costs

-If there is a generic version of the drug

-If there is a similar drug with a less amount of risks

-If changes such as diet and exercise could help your condition

-The number of people have the condition that the drug helps

-How it works

-How quickly it works

-The number of people that will be helped by the drug if they take it

How can an ad violate the law?

-Say that the drug can treat something that the FDA did not approve it to treat

-Claim something without adequate evidence

-represent data the wrong way from studies

-exaggerate the drugs benefits

-leave out or under exaggerate the risks

What does the FDA does to punish the company?

-Sends the company a letter telling them how they have violated the rules and asks them to remove the ad

-In some cases the drug company could be taken to court and seizing the supplies or bringing criminal charges against the company

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Ryan Roedersheimer