Knight Notes

Weekly Staff Newsletter for Francis Howell North High School

HAPPY MONDAY, May 7, 2018!

Good morning—

I hope you had an awesome weekend!

Teacher Appreciation Day takes place on Tuesday. Let me be the first to tell you happy teacher appreciation day and to thank you for all that you do to help all of our students to be successful. Your effort and passion are tremendous, and they make a difference every single day.

Have an awesome week!



  • Congratulations to Catherine (Caty) Arnold and Abril Romero, who earned the first ever Missouri Seal of Biliteracy awards for FHN. To earn the MO Seal, students have to take a national standardized Spanish exam during their Senior year and score intermediate proficiency on speaking, reading, writing, and listening. They also have to write a cultural comparison essay that is scored by a cohort of district language teachers. This is a huge accomplishment for these students and for our school’s world language department!”
  • Congrats to @FHNtoday's Sarah Zimmerman for being named the 2018 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism and Book Awards High School Journalist of the year.
  • Thank you to those who helped out at Grad Practice last week. It went very smoothly and that is all a credit to your guidance!
  • Thank you to Ms. Heyer, the Jr. Class Reps and Nd our chaperones for an awesome prom. Caty Arnold and Connor Gallagher were Prom Queen and Prom King!
  • Congratulations to our students and staff members who participated in the 1st Annual FHSD PLTW Showcase at Schneider Electric! Industry panel and gallery walk.
  • Congratulations to Mr. Stegeman and the band for an awesome dinner concert and Spring Concert. Busy week for the band!
  • Congratulation to the business departments of all three high schools (spearheaded by Mike Freedline) on putting on the 2nd Annual Job Fair.
  • Congratulations to our student who participated in the Academic Signing. 54 committed to signing. Millions of dollars were earned by these kids. Wow!
  • Congratulations to Marissa Cohen on winning the Awesome Street Award.



Please make sure you are communicating with parents if students are failing your class.

I appreciate the work that was completed during faculty meeting PD time this year. I enjoyed watching everyone share their work. Hopefully you were able to take some learning away from a colleague that you could implement somewhere in your lessons.

—Dr. Kathryn Greer


FHN currently has 84.3% of students attending 90% of the time. As we draw closer to Final Exams, please remember that a student needs to have 95% attendance in the class they are exempting. As students begin preparing for finals please remind them how important it is to be present for the reviews. Thank you.


Please be extra visible as we close out the last few weeks of the school year. Contact Caroline at 5031 for an escort if a student needs to leave class. As of the end of April, FHN has had a 23% decrease in detentions, a 32% decrease in ISAP, and an 18% increase in OSS compared to this time last year.

Please share the final exam and make-up exam schedule with students and post this in your classroom.


We will be conducting our student and staff surveys this week.

Thank you English department for agreeing to facilitate the student survey again. We appreciate your willingness to help!

The staff survey should be hitting your email on Monday. I will send out a confirmation email to remind you to check all of your mailboxes when it goes out.

Please take a minute to help us hit our 80% participation target.