By: Taylor Reedy

What is a wetland?

Land consisting of marshes or swamps. Its also known as saturated land.

3 Types Of Wetlands

(Area's where you can find alligators)


  • A swamp is an area of low-lying, where water collects.


  • An area of low-lying land that if flooded in high tide or wet seasons, and remains waterlogged all the time.


  • Wet muddy ground too soft to support a heavy body.

More Information About The Different Kinds Of Swamps

Alligators in Swamps

The american alligators are found in swamps. It is found in parts of Alabama, Texas, North Carolina South Carolina, Florida, and many more. Thare are very dangerous animals there was a total of 17 deaths in 1948

What You And Other People Around The World Can Do To Help Protect Wetlands!

One thing people can do to protect wetlands in ther everyday life is, limit the amount of harmful chemicals you use at home. Non toxic chemicals are always best to clean with! Another thing people can do is dont litter, save your garabage for the trash can! Always think green! With these simple steps, everyday, you can help protect the wetlands!

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