Five Themes of Geography For Me

By: Gavin Howell


I have a passion or you could say a hobby of skate boarding on my free time. I generally have a range of about all of Coppell on a good day. My favorite location is Halifax Lane, Coppell, TX or 37 25.818'N, 122 05.36'W, witch is a very big hill, where i spend most of my time.
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Region is land type in a certain area. With living in Texas the flat ground helps me get from place to place on my long board much easier than having to fight hills.
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My favorite place to skate to is sonic with my friends and take a break from a long ride. A lot of other skaters meet there too. It is just a good rest place to rest up before going out to skate more.

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Human Environmental Interaction

Skating now is hard because of how humans have changed the environment. The construction doesn't help get from place to place. So i have to take long detours.
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Movement is key in to days society. It helps us in achieving travel. Man kind has changed the geography to suit our transportation needs. No mater if it is buy car, or bike, or by skate board.
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