Perseverence Past and Present

You Just Have to Push Through

Alyssa's leg

Alyssa was eight years old when she was playing outside with her friends when their ball rolled into the street. She went to go grab it. She got hit by a truck and that severed her leg. She loved to dance but now she didn't think she was ever going to be able to again. Luckily with some practice she got the hang of it and went back to dancing even though she had a prosthetic.

Josiah's Time

Josiah is a little boy who was born normal but then his parents noticed he wasn't growing at the correct rate. The doctors found out he had Progeria which is a disease that causes the body to age at a rapid pace. This is not a problem for Josiah because he doesn't mind all he wants to do is go out and play baseball.

Branch Rickey

Branch Rickey was the coach for a college baseball team and when they went on a trip for a game that had to stay in a hotel and they had a black player and at this time segregation was still present. The hotel manager would not let Branch's player stay the night but they made a deal that the player would be able to sleep on a cot in Branch's room. This made Branch furious he wanted blacks to be accepted. He started the movement that got Jackie Robinson into baseball and broke the color barrier.