Much Ado About Nothing


Neil Patrick Harris is a comedic actor. He is able to adapt to his character in an astonishing way. He is the perfect person to play the role of Benedick because he knows exactly how the character would act and what they would say based on what happens.


Luke Benward is a younger actor, perfect for playing the role of Claudio. He is able to show his acting skills in a variety of ways. He is the type of actor that can really show feelings and emotions of the character based on the situation.


Amanda Seyfried is the perfect match for playing Hero. She plays a lot of caring roles. Hero is a quieter girl but is very beautiful and Seyfried matches that perfectly.

Hero is Framed

Hero is framed for cheating on Claudio. At their wedding, Claudio refuses to get married to her, saying that she is a whore. Hero doesn't know what he's talking about. Don Pedro agrees with Claudio, saying that he saw it happen too. They both leave, while Hero has to face her father, even though she didn't actually do anything.

Love- Hate Relationship

Benedick and Beatrice have a love-hate relationship. They are constantly fighting. Little do they know, Hero, Claudio, Don Pedro, Ursula, and Leonato and making a plan to get them to show their real feelings to each other. Eventually they are able to trick both Beatrice and Benedick that the other is in love with them. The two confess to each other, but keep it a secret until the end of the play.

"Fake" Wedding

After Heros 'death', Leonato tells Claudio that he must marry his niece. At the wedding, Claudio doesn't expect what happens. When the women he's supposed to marry steps forward and reveals who she is, it's Hero. Claudio thought she had died, but it was all just a lie to cover up what happened at the first wedding.