Challenges And Solutions

Working under pressure

A Chartered accountant has to undergo a lot of pressure. A lot of people come to him to solve problems and get different ideas on running the business properly. He has to think a lot and bear a lot of tension while giving an opinion and solving problems for the clients. Continuous work pressure and problem solving creates a huge mental pressure which is too painful. In order to get relieved from this pressure a chartered accountant must stay cool and calm while doing his job. Instead of thinking about a lot of things together at a time he should think about his work sequentially and consecutively. If he thinks about one problem at a time, only then he can solve the problem of mental pressure.

Co-oping with the clients

Due to a lot of pressure and different behaviors of different clients a chartered accountant sometimes looses his temper, as a result he becomes unable to co-operate with the clients. Because of this he faces problems in his work and faces failure to give suggestions to the clients. Sometimes the client even behave rudely with him for which he looses his temper. In order to over come this he has to stay calm, think about his success and talk nicely with the clients. He has to focus on his work and about the problem brought by the client instead of listening to the other things that the client talks about and how the client behaves with him.