20 facts about 2002 ^-^

by Isabella McTigue


  • Gas was 1.35$

  • The top song of 2002 was “how you remind me” by Nickelback

  • The top artist of the year was Nickelback

  • The top inventions of the year are as follows, The dog translator

  • The Braille glove

  • The hy-Wire car

  • The wheelman

  • The Infoscope

  • Phonetooth

  • Scramjet

  • Wireless headset

  • The fashion trends of the year were color matching outfits

  • The hairstyles of the year were chunky highlights

  • And short bobs

  • The president in 2002 was George Walker Bush

  • Yes there were wars going on, Civil war in Afghanistan

  • Fun facts

  • Taiwan officially joins the World Trade Organization, as ChineseTaipei.

  • 68th Sugar Bowl: #12 LSU beats #7 Illinois, 47-34

  • The Palestinian freighter Karine A is seized by Israeli forces in the Red Sea

  • 8th Orange Bowl: #5 Florida beats #6 Maryland, 56-23

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Nickelback- How you remind me- lyrics (HQ) (HD)