Yet again another fiery dispute between the two deadly families of Verona end up in a brawl, but this time the consequences were far more severe...

As temperatures in Verona soar to the highest this year, a brawl ending in 2 fatalities left both Montague and Capulet families in a maddened state. The fray took place yesterday afternoon, on the streets of Verona. Witnesses claimed that "this was the 4th fight they had seen the boys get involved in".
The fight began like all of the others, "an airy word thrown by Mercutio was enough to frustrate Tybalt" said passers-by. It seemed that Benvolio was reluctant to fighting in broad daylight, obviously acknowledging the Price's earlier statement, but according to a man standing alongside them, Mercutio threw off Benvolio's suggestion, stating that "men's eyes were made to look." . Romeo joined mid-way through the fray as Tybalt's temper was at it's peak, "confusingly" said a witness "Romeo said that he loved Tybalt" and refused to fight him. "Mercutio seemed to be annoyed at Romeo" said another man who was at the scene "probably because Romeo refused to stand up for himself or something"
Mercutio prompts Tybalt to draw for a duel, people around the scene said that Tybalt didn't stop for a second to draw his sword. People speculated that amidst the wild fighting, Romeo attempted to part the two and tragically, Mercutio was stabbed under Romeo's arm. Tybalt was said to have run away from the crime scene as Mercutio lay there dying
Benvolio leaves Romeo to take Mercutio back to the Montague house, leaving Romeo alone, people around him said he looked worried until Benvolio came back.Who knew what he was thinking? Benvolio returns to the scene to confirm Mercutio's death to Romeo. After Tybalt also returns to the scene, Romeo's anger was rising. He said, according to a shopper nearby "Mercutio's soul is just a little above our heads, staying for thine to keep him company: either thou, or I, or both must go with him" During the fight, Tybalt falls and dies by Romeo's hand. Taking Benvolio's advice he flees the scene.
As the prince arrived along with the distressed families of the deceased Benvolio explains to the prince what happened. Apparently Benvolio was a little biased towards Romeo when ecplaining the story. "He said something like Romeo only killed Tybalt, who was to be executed anyway.". The prince acknowledges Romeo's defence and instead of killing Romeo, he is banished from Verona. If he does not leave he is to be executed.
Iwan Lewis

2nd of December, 1595