Year 1


Week 10

  • K-6 Presentation Assembly is tomorrow at 12:30 at Coledale Surf Club. The children have been asked to wear their blue uniforms, not sports uniforms.

  • Next Monday we will be enjoying 'Gift Giving'. The children have chosen a child's name from our class and have been asked to bring to school a small, wrapped gift for that child. Something recycled, such as a pre-loved book or toy, or something bought for $2, would be appreciated. The children can bring their gift to school any time during this week to place under our giving tree.

  • Also on Monday the children will need a shopping bag to bring home their text books. On that note, the children and I have tried valiantly to complete the books but unfortunately we have just run out of time.

  • The children may bring in board games to play next week.

  • The 'Colour Run' will be held on Wednesday.

Regards, Kerrie