lingva gazette

by english language students


I started with the English language classes about three months ago. I had been thinking about taking the course for a long time, and I finally did it.

At the beginning I was a bit worried how I would manage, but I think that I’m doing fine for now. There're only four of us in the group, which makes the studying more efficient. Besides me, the group includes Jelena, Branislav and Marijana. They are all engaging people and we have a lot of fun in our classes. They are all employed and Jelena and Branislav have got kids, so it’s very interesting to hear their stories. I find conversations in our classes very useful and really enjoy them. I think that speaking is the best way to learn the language.

I have always hated to write, but I think I’m starting to like it. It looks as if writing is even a better way to learn the language than speaking.

I think that in these three months of attending classes, my English has improved, and I hope that in the next three months I will learn much more.

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