Henry VIII

By: Jonathan Steinert


Henry VIII was born as the king of England on June 28, 1491 in Greenwich, England. He passed away on January 28, 1547 in Westminster, England. Henry VII was an English man. At the time of Henry's birth, England and France went to war. Also, Girolano Savanrola denounced the corruption of Lorenzo de Medici in Florence. Henry VIII was a product of man and a force of nature. He was recognized as much by what he succeeded in doing as by what he failed to do. He was a reincarnated Prince Hal, characterized by an unparalleled zest for life who turned into a sour, diseased, and often evil combination of royal Falstaff and twisted Goliath (DISCovering Biography, 2003).


In 1509, Henry succeeded father as king, and married Catherine of Aragon. In 1513, Henry defeated French and Scots. In 1527, sack of Rome by imperial troops of Charles V increased pressure on Pope not to grant Henry to divorce from Catherine. In 1533, act in Restraint of Appeals to Rome made divorce from Catherine of Aragon possible and national sovereignty a reality. Henry married Anne Boleyn, and princess Elizabeth was born. In 1534, the Act of Supremacy confirmed Henry as Head of Church of England. In 1535, Henry had Thomas More executed. In 1536, the Dissolution of monasteries began, and Henry beheaded Anne Boleyn. In 1540, Henry married and divorced Anne of Cleves, and married Catherine Howard. Thomas Cromwell executed. In 1541, Henry beheaded Catherine Howard, and married Catherine Parr (DISCovering Biography, 2003).

Impact on Society Today and Now

King Henry VIII broke with the rest of the Catholic Church and established the Church of England. Missionaries from this church accompanied many of the British explorers of the 18th and 19th centuries and planted what has become known as Anglicanism. The majority of Anglicans now live outside of England. Anglicanism has had a significant effect on former British colonies, and thus on the world. This is how Henry VIII has had and impact on society (UXL Biographies, 2003).
Henry VIII Rocks and Rolls

Interesting Facts on Henry VIII

  1. Henry VIII had six wives
  2. He enjoyed horse riding, jousting, and archery. He was very fit and energetic as a child.
  3. He liked music and holding feasts at his palaces including Hampton Court.
  4. Henry VIII had seven siblings.
  5. Henry VIII was apart of the Tudor Dynasty who ruled England between 1485 and 1603.