Belle B.

Umm... hi? I am Belle and I like things. I have two siblings around their twenties, a nephew, and parents. Drawing is fun. I make my own characters and try to give them good development. Nature stuff looks cool but please do not take me camping. I will bite. Animals are awesome also (wolves are amaze and majestic). Paranormal stuff interests me too. (The rest is just additional interests. I listed my main things at top) Some other things I like are Undertale, Steven Universe (PERIDOT), Gravity Falls (which is nearing it's end in the next episode. cries), Homestuck, OFF, Pokemon (The pokemon themselves not like the show or games), Warriors (The first six books. Anything after that is not relevant to me), The Walking Dead (game), Wander Over Yonder, Star vs The Forces of Evil, My Little Pony (yes. I like ponies). Or just anything else along the fantasy lines. I'm thinking about watching some anime so I know what my friends and brother are talking about. So that's all I can think of. Bye..