Welcome to Team h-OWL-er!


Hello and Welcome!

I want to personally welcome you to our Origami Owl team, Team h-OWL-er. My name is Denae Ross, and I am the Team Leader for our group! Even if you have joined under another mentor, you are part of this wonderful team. I am so happy you are on this journey with us! I am here to help you with any questions you may have.

I'm sure you are so excited for your Starter Kit to arrive! Start now by planning an "Open the Box" party at your home with your closest friends and family -- or have it at a coffee shop or even post a video online to share your excitement!

  1. Your first step is to schedule your Launch Party -- or as we call them in Origami Owl lingo "Jewelry Bars." Truly, this is the best way to introduce Origami Owl to your friends and family -- and then, after they fall in love with our Charms and Lockets, ask each to them to host Jewelry Bars of their own! Get your calendar filled with Jewelry Bars, and you'll be on your way to achieving Jumpstart to Owlchiever.
  2. Next, join our Team h-OWL-er Facebook Group. It's a great place to learn and ask questions. I know that your New Designer Starter Kit will have great resources to get you started, but we also upload lots of great resources and post frequently on our Team h-OWL-er page. Join in on the fun!
  3. Finally, check out the New Designer training in our O2 Academy (O2 stands for Origami Owl). You'll get info about getting started, exploring your Starter Kit, and how to hold your Launch Party.

No matter what, please feel free to contact me anytime (all my info is at the bottom of this page!) -- I am here for you!

Excited to have you here!


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Business Basics

  1. Order your business cards. Business cards will empower you to get moving, you now have a card and people will take you seriously. Origami Owl has made ordering our business cards very easy. Sign into your Back Office, click SHOP, and then Purchase Business Cards. Pick your card and personalize. Easy!
  2. You want to get paid! O2 pays you commissions every week through PayQuicker with an awesome credit card with Olive the Owl on it. Your commission deposits directly to your card. You can then transfer that money to your bank account or keep it all on the card and use it as your business expense account. You will be receiving an email from PayQuicker or you can go to www.payquicker.com and sign up today to get paid! You must do this to get paid.
  3. Get an E-signature for your emails. This directly links your email signature to your website and to ordering. www.myesigpartners.com is what we use, and I love it!
  4. Consider getting a credit card swiper. For most orders, you'll input them into the Back Office, so Origami Owl will do the credit card processing for you. But for your "on the go" parties and purchases from customers who buy from your inventory (if you choose to have that), you might want to have a credit card swiper. PayPal or Square are the main options, (I use Square). If you have a smartphone, Ipad, or tablet, these swipers are amazingly easy to use. They can make direct deposits into your bank account or some even offer a debit card for your use.
  5. Need more catalogs or marketing materials? In your Back Office under SHOP, go to Jewelry Bar Business Essentials. this is where you can order our catalogs (we call them TOMs, short for take out menus), order forms, and more.
  6. Looking for Jewelry Bar display items? In your Back Office under SHOP, go to Origami Owl Tools Store. Here you can find and order the beautiful white owl, tablecloths, linen busts, and any other display items you would like for your Jewelry Bar. Keep it simple, keep it clean, display the Origami Owl colors (teal, pink, and white).
  7. Need to contact the Nest? Log into your Back Office at www.origamiowl.com and click Contact Us at the bottom of the page. You can Chat Live or call The Nest at 888-491-0331.
  8. Have an issue with an order, missing item, need to return or exchange an item? Visit returns.origamiowl.com to process these items. You will receive a Claim Number via email so you can keep track of any issues you submit.
  9. Read the Policies & Procedures: It's a lot of information, but it's a good idea to read it thought completely at least once. All of our rules and policies are her for your reference.

How To Place Orders

If you'd like to place an order for jewelry, login to your Back Office and then click Shop and then click Jewelry. When you order jewelry as a designer order, your 20% to 50%* discount is given upfront if you select Wholesale pricing.

*99 PV makes you an Active Designer, and you will earn commission/discount of 20% - 40%. Those Designers with Personal Volume (PV) of 250 or higher become a Storybuilder, and will earn an additional 10%, making their total commission/discount 30% - 50%.

Your First Jewelry Bar

It is important to start off by hosting your very first Jewelry Bar within your first 30 days. Please contact your mentor for assistance with choosing a date for your first Jewelry Bar. Once you have booked your first Jewelry Bar, contact your mentor again to set up a time to review how to create a Jewelry Bar in your Back Office and tips for entering your first orders.

Be sure to watch the How To Enter A Jewelry Bar Video.

Founders Bella and Chrissy Weems have created a few videos that show how to set up a Jewelry Bar display, how to connect with your hostess, and how to connect with your guests. Essentially, you will learn what to do at a Jewlery Bar :)

How To Create A Jewelry Bar And Enter The Orders

Follow the steps below when creating Jewelry Bar Orders. Also, view the video below for tips from The Nest that contain best practices and tips on creating and closing a Jewelry Bar

  1. Enter Guest Orders (select Retail pricing only).
  2. Enter Hostess Retail order if applicable (hostess retail order does add to her hostess credits, if she has already hit her $250 in sales and 4 orders).
  3. Enter Hostess Rewards Order.
  4. Enter Guests payments.
  5. Enter Hostess Payments.
  6. Close Jewelry Bar.

More Resources To Get Started

  • Designer Resources: Login to your Back Office, then click Designer Resources at the top. Here you can explore all of our marketing assets, My O2 Rewards (where you'll find your O2 Reward points!), and the O2 Academy. They are always adding new things here.
  • FAQs: This quick one-stop page allows you to search for anything and get the answers right away.
  • Business Academy in the O2 Academy: You'll find great webinar and training resources for New Designers, Jewelry Bars, and information about our Products.
  • Join the New Designer Facebook page: This group will give you the support you need in running a simple yet consistent business.
  • Check out the Team Believe Facebook group: I or your mentor will add you to this group. It's a HUGE group that you are connected through me or your upline to Tami Butcher or Beth Blemaster, the Executive Directors who run this FB group. Thousands of Designers from all across the country are in this group, so it's a great resource for learning.
  • YouTube Channels: Subscribe to these channels for some great training.
  1. The Best Nest on YouTube
  2. Origami Owl on YouTube
  3. Bella Weems on YouTube
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O2 Vital Behaviors

This is your daily framework to building a successful business:

Invite 2 people + wear your JEWELRY + 15 min. personal development

That's it! Watch this training video to learn more. Practice these O2 vital behaviors each day and watch your business grow. Use the O2 Vital Behaviors Tracker to keep track of your progress.

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My O2 Rewards

Origami Owl has a fantastic reward system in place. This system rewards you for just doing what youlove! There are two levels of rewards for you to achieve. Each level brings its own perks and rewards! Please make sure for full details that you visit your Back Office, click on My O2 Business, and then My O2 Rewards or you can check out this flyer.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • All Active Designers earn 20% - 40% commission.
  • Designers with Personal Volume (PV) of 250 or more will earn an additional 10% commission, bringing their total commission rate to 30% - 50%.
  • Depending on a Designers activity each month, she/he will earn 40% or 50% commission on sales of charms, dangles, plates and 20% or 30% on lockets, chains, CORE, window plates and earrings.
  • Inactive Designers earn 15% commission
  • As a Designer, you can order jewelry at wholesale cost and sell at your Jewelry Bars or in one-on-one design consultations and keep the profit at point of sale.
  • Commissions from customer sales on your website are paid weekly. Orders are tracked weekly through Saturday midnight and commissions paid the following Friday, via PayQuicker.
  • After enrollment, you will receive an email from PayQuicker to get your account started. When you receive your first commission payment, you will receive a payment notification from PayQuicker.com with a link to get your account started.
  • Leadership bonuses are paid monthly the 10th of month following. Please visit your Designer Back Office and click Designer Resources and select Career Plan - Business Resources to review the most recent version of the career plan.

Requirements to Remain Active

The monthly minimum Personal Volume (PV) requirement is 99 PV, in order to be considered Active by upline for qualification. It is also required to remain an Active Independent Designer receiving commissions and maintaining a Team (downline).

Requirements to earn on your down line team volume are found on the Career Plan document that is located in your Designer Back Office.

Hostess Rewards

Origami Owl offers generous hostess rewards plan, all paid for by Origami Owl, Your hostess can even earn a discount on a Starter Kit if they would like to join Origami Owl! This is a great tool to grow your business. Visit the Back Office under Designer Resources to find the current rewards. And watch this video tutorial all about our Hostess Rewards programs.

Website Fees

Designers have access to a state-of-the-art eCommerce website that can be used to market your business. Your enrollment fee includes the free access to an eCommerce website site, Basic Reporting, Contact Manager, and monthly Customer Newsletter subscription. If you would like more advanced features, you can subscribe to the O2 Bundle which provides Enhanced Reporting, Lead Pool Bonus, and Customer/Hostess Leads. The fee $9 per month or $99 for the year.


I am here to help you -- I am so happy you are here, and excited for our future together! Please let me know if you ever need anything!