Siamese cats

The human-like cat!

Siamese cats

I think that Siamese cats are a cool breed and have interesting things about them.

I choose to do Siamese cats beacsause they have a cool history, and they are very unique. Some of the interesting things about Siamese cats, are that they can be trained in different ways, and they are very much like humans.

What are the physical characteristics of a saimese cat?

"The Siamese cat has a thin tail. It's legs are slim,and it has small paws. It has large pointed ears and its eyes are almond shaped and dark blue. And the trunk of its body, is a solid light color"


What is the history of a Siamese cat?

What I found of the history of this cat is legand the legend goes that if a person in a royal family dies there body would be entombed with its favorite Siamese cat, but the tomb had escape places that the cat could escape. And if it makes out it is believed that the soul of the royal person was in the cat (

Fun facts about Siamese cats!

  • They can be trained to walk on a leash(
  • They can be toilet trained (
  • The whine loudly when they want something(
  • These cats are known for there crossed eyes and kinky tails (
  • They are also known as the "wheezer"
  • The fur on a Siamese kitten, comes on the coldest part of there bodies(
  • A male Siamese cat weighs 11-15 pounds(
  • A female Siamese weighs 8-11 pounds(
  • Siamese cats can get jealous when they don't get enough attention(
  • They are very loyal animals(