Colonial Rule in Southeast Asia


King Mongkut- He was one of the kings who decided to unite thailand in order to stop european invasion. King Chulalongkorn- other king who prevented european invasion. Commodore George dewey -U.S naval commander that defeated the spanish in the manila bay for control of the philippines. Emilio Aguinaldo- lead independence movements in the Philippines. First against the Spanish and then against the U.S


Singapore became a major stopping point for people traveling to and from china. because of steamboats it was easier to access

Britain wanted to rule burma to protect their trade positions and have a land route to china.

Thailand was protected by two kings, it was the last city left after the previous two had been conquered. These two kings united their people and resisted colonization

William McKinley colonized the philippines to prevent tit from falling into the hands of the japanese

Why were Westerners so determined to colonize Southeast Asia?

Westerners wanted to colonize southeast asia because that region was seen as a hotspot for raw materials and was seen as having a big potential for commerce.

How is Imperialism connected to Social Darwinism?

Imperialism is connected to social darwinism because social darwinists believed that race could determine your capabilities. They believed that in the battle against nations, the fit are victorious and they believed that certain races were inferior.

What was the chief goal of the Western nations?

The chief goal of the western nations was to become their own countries. They were the main population used for slave trades and broke off on their own for a couple years but were eventually reclaimed by britain.