Temperate Grasslands

By Jaylen Clark and Zack Burke

What is a temperate grassland

A temperate grass land is a semi arid plain with middle latitude. the temperate grasslands have tropical savannas and prairies. There dominate landscape is grass with no trees or shrubs . Temperatures in temperate grasslands can help greatly by having a large impact on growing seasons. Temperate grasslands are found in less tropical ecosystems and have a larger temperate fluctuation during the year

Climate and Population

Drought plays a large role in the temperate grassland and sprouting trees. Rain mostly happens in late spring. It averages around 20 - 35 inches of rainfall. The rainfall determines how high the grass is going to be. The temperate grasslands don't have a very large population do to the climate and location. The average population in the temperate grasslands in the United States is 1 - 25 per square mile.