Michael Jackson

King of Pop

Michael Jackson was a very famous singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, and record producer and is known to many people around the world as "The King of Pop" He started out to be the lead singer in a band what is called the Jackson 5, and then went off to become a solo singer. Michael Jackson has inspired many people and yet have been inspired by them.

Singing Career

Micheal has a lot of family backgrounds that have to do with music. That's one of the reasons why he started singing. He started singing when he was only 4 and he joined the Jackson 5 only a couple years after that. The Jackson 5 started in 1964 with 45 albums with a "Grammy Hall of fame" award and the "NAACP outstanding image award" and then ended in 1973. In addition of his work with "J5" he made the charts of his own solo 1972.

After the J5 split apart everyone else kind of quit with making music. But not Jackson.

Jackson was known as the king of pop because one of his albums got put on the top charts and usually nobody could beat his hit single on the chart, which is still actually very popular today, "Thriller"

Micheal Jackson continued his singing career until he reached the age of 50 because of his sudden death in 2009.

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Family Background

Jackson 5 members

  • MIchael Jackson
  • Tito Jackson
  • Jermaine Jackson
  • Marlon Jackson
  • Jackie Jackson


  • Debbie Rowe
  • Lisa Marie Presley


  • Prince Michael Jackson (Rowes son)
  • Paris- Michael Katherine Jackson (Rowes Daughter)
  • MIchael Joseph Jackson Jr. (Presleys Son)


  • Janet Jackson
  • La toya Jackson
  • Jermaine Jackson
  • Randy Jackson
  • Marlon Jackson
  • Rebbie Jackson
  • Jackie Jackson
  • Brandon Jackson
  • Joh'Vonnie Jackson


  • Katherine Jackson
  • Joe Jackson


Michael Reached higher in pop culture than anyone has ever known still since this day. His number 1 hits were from the albums: Thriller. Bad, & Off the wall. Jackson acually broke the Grammy awards record with 52 awards and most of them have to do with music & acting.


Michael Jackson was actually the way artist make music videos now. Everyone was inspired by His Music video "Thriller" because it was made in a "movie type" way. Before, when people made "music videos" it was usually just them standing there singing. Jackson's idea was to make a music video that matched on what the song was based on.

People he influenced

  • James Brown
  • Walt Disney
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Nipsey Russel
  • Redd Foxx

MIchael Jackson may not be with us now, but yet he influenced many people and still his music will always be heard.