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NEE PDP Pre-Implementation It's time to submit your proposed PDP for approval. You can write your own, or you can use one that I've written for you linked here. Just copy these elements into the NEE PDP and move the slider over to submit for pre-implementation approval.

Monday: Labor Day

I hope everyone had a nice, long weekend!





TABE Test 12:00-3:00


Upcoming Dates: September

9: Visible Learning Teacher Cohort AM (Judy and Lisa)

10: Music Therapy Starts (3 AM Sessions Possible)

10-15:Summer School Survey (Students-10 minutes)

11: Liberty Alliance for Youth (12:00-1:30)

12: Restorative Practices PD (Mark)

14: SAFE Schools Trainings Due

17: Vocational Rehab (seniors with IEPs) 8:30-11

19: Early Release--Professional Development

20: No School--Professional Development

NEE: Unit of Instruction (Executive Functioning Skills)

Big3 Focus Week of 9/9: Understanding Your Values & Being Your Best Self

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Lesson #3: Values

Lesson 3: Ranking Your Values (Clarify their own values and prioritize them in a self-aware manner. Values come from a variety of influences, which we may or may not be aware of. Being conscious of those influences helps us decide who we want to be and leads to the development of prosocial values.)

  1. Review definitions of strengths/challenges, personal lists of strengths/challenges, and see if anyone would like to share a strength they see/admire in another person.

  2. Circle: Get a student to lead the circle, getting everyone to share. Use a question from p. 2 or have student create his own.

  3. Ask students to define what a value is to them. (a principle or standard of behavior) Discuss the ways our values help us know what is most important to us in life and how we want to spend our time.

    1. Talk about how they are exposed to numerous values in their lives.

    2. Brainstorm a general list of values. Have students use this list and rank them from most to least important to them. Or, have them write their own list of values. Share and discuss.

    3. Talk about how kids sort out these influences and think for themselves about who they are and who they want to be.

  4. Have students pick a song and journal about what values they see being reflected or promoted in the song.

Executive Functioning Skills Focus

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These will be the CORE of our NEE Unit of Instruction

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