Fertile Crescent country news

Covering Mesopotamia and surrounding areas

Agricultural Update for the month of December, 3400B.C.

Agricultural Update:

My name is Will and I live in Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. I live on a farm where I grow crops . I will be informing you of the recent Agricultural update provided by hammurabi the King of mesopoamia. Our new irrigation systems provided by the king seem to be holding back the flood waters from the two rivers. The new holding ditches are providing enough area to store the excess flood waters. My farm was able to get the first harvest of wheat planted and the crop yield should be plentiful. When the time of drought does happen and there is not enough rainwater to water the crops I am hopeful that the water containment ditches will provide the needed water to maintain our crops. My neighbor who is a scribe for the royal court says he is not sure the new irrigation systems will help the water problem.

Invention Corner

New Inventions "The Wheeled Cart"

The wheeled cart I know it sounds stupid but it is really helpful. It can carry your stuff

around. I know what you are saying “why can’t i just carry it in my arms” i know but

it’s 5 times liter. You also save your strength. It work like this when you pull it the

wheels will spin therefore it moves. only 5.00$ wow 5:00$ act now. These wheels

are made of wood grown right here in Mesopotamia, and are made by the finest

craftsmen the Fertile Crescent has to offer.

weather report for thursday december 8, 3400B.C.

Today's forecast for Mesopotamia, Africa is mostly sunny with a few clouds. the high temperature will be 110 degrees in the plains and 90 degrees in the mountains. Tonight the temperature will drop to 80 degrees in the plains and to the 60’s in the mountains. There is a thirty percent chance of rain tomorrow afternoon.

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