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General Information on Wind

Definition of wind?

Wind is the movement of air from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure and is the sideways movement of wind.

What causes winds?

Winds are caused by differences in air pressure.

Information on Local Winds

Definition of local winds

Local winds are caused by the unequal heating of Earth's surface within a small area.

Description of how local winds are created

At night, land cools faster than water, so the air over the land becomes cooler than the air over the water. Particles in cool air are closer together and denser and therefore, at a higher pressure. The cool air sinks over the land.

Description of how sea breezes blow

A sea breeze blows from the sea to the land.

Description of how land breezes blow

A land breeze blows from the land to a body of water.

One picture of sea breezes, and one picture of land breezes

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Information on Global Winds

Definition of Global Winds

Global winds are winds that travel over a large the globe!

Description of how Global winds are created

Global winds are created by unequal heating of Earth's surface over a large area.

Details about Horse Latitudes

Horse Latitudes winds are at the equator and they are very weak.
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Details about Jet streams

The jet streams is a band of very strong winds in the upper troposphere. Airplanes use these faster while saving fuel!
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Details about Trade winds

Trade winds lie in between 0' and 30' latitude and are very strong. Sailors used these winds to help them move their cargo to other countries to trade goods!!
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Details about Polar Easterlies

Polar Easterlies blow from the north and south pole.
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