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With so much going on, its hard to always know what to focus on any given moment. Last year, it was all about selling our segment. This year, for some reason, it feels like the "year of the distributor." There's so much talk these days about the "evolution of the distributor marketing program;" and you can definitely see the cracks emerge as they begin assimilating the changes initiated by us. These changes will look different depending on the distributor; & its wide open terrain for the both of us as we begin to break through old boundaries - sometimes in unison & sometimes, seemingly, in conflict. For better or worse, these changes are being necessitated by forces well outside of our control & so, despite the growing pains, we must slog on into the unknown. At the end of the day, if we do it right, we will hopefully be left with better versions of ourselves; ones more capable of serving the modern automation buying customer.


  • Corporate Leaders Roundtable 2016 season kicked off; the event will be held in the Central Region this year, just outside of Milwaukee, WI. Our region has a modest goal of 5 attendees this year; stay tuned to hear more from your local Territory Sales Manager. Targets will be due back to HQ by the end of February.
  • OnTour dates are being collected across the region; if you haven't scheduled yours yet, please contact Chris Vereb or Marisa Pellechio to get it on the commercial calendar. Spots are filling up fast!
  • All commercial events in the region must have a lead strategy associated with them this year. NA Marketing requires a minimum of 8 weeks to design & wire up a marketing program, so please nail down your dates ASAP. We stand ready to help you optimize your event for maximum lead impact.
  • The webinar machine keeps rolling on, sometimes so fast that it's hard to keep up with the flurry of asks around these powerful lead generating events. Our new Sharepoint page, allows you to upload targets for any of the already scheduled events on an ongoing basis. Just check the boxes of the ones that apply >> https://rockwellautomation.sharepoint.com/teams/AS/EasternRegionSP/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/Lists/East%20Region%20Webinar%20Target%20List/AllItems.aspx
  • NA Marketing kicked off its PLC-5 End of Life Demand Generation campaign, using RS Logix targets. Please keep a look out for qualified leads in Dynamics.
  • Competitive Edge is getting a renewed focus with monthly metrics being published on each of the running programs. Learn more: https://noggin.gosavo.com/CustomPage/View.aspx?id=36817569
  • Our Studio5000 Webinar shattered company records w/ 229 attendees; 22 requests for follow-up! SE's with Studio 5000 leads should have all received a link to the lead via Dynamics. Feel free to provide feedback on the quality of those leads at the bottom of this newsletter! Also, for upcoming webinars, check out our schedule on the North America homepage>> http://www.rockwellautomation.com/en_NA/training-events/webinars/overview.page?

Meet the Eastern Region Field Marketing Team


One way that VP of Sales & Automation, Jim Walker, is staying front of mind with his customers is through his new e-newsletter: The Tri-State Telegraph. Among other focus areas, the most recent edition centered around promotion of our upcoming Safety Webinar series. This is a great way to get distributors integrated into this hot & emerging marketing play.
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Did you know that you can synch the Eastern Region Commercial Calendar with your own personal Outlook calendar for easy assimilation of commercial events around the region?

For more information, please contact Marisa Pellechio or Chris Vereb or your local Field Marketing Specialist.

Calendar instructions


Regional webinars are a great way to extend our reach with the customer & amplify our front-line work with customers. They also build brand awareness, support customer loyalty & generate much needed leads for a struggling product area. For more information about how you can get involved, contact your local Field Marketing Specialist.

Eastern Region Customer Webinar - OEMs: Reduce Your Development Time Using Process Automation Tools!

Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 11am-12pm

This is an online event.

Eastern Region Customer Webinar - Safety Series #2: Safety Strategies: Assessments, Protective Measures, and Conceptual Design"

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 11am-12pm

This is an online event.

5 Tips For Keeping Your Mgr Off Your Back About Leads

  1. Ultimately, Automation Fair ROI (& all events) is measured both in terms of new leads generated and amplification of existing opportunities. That means its just as important to "tag" relevant SAP/CRM oppys with the AF Campaign ID: CP-0000010766-0001 as it is to migrate new leads via Dynamics over to SAP/CRM.
  2. When migrating a lead from Dynamics to SAP/CRM never designate "prospect" as the sales cycle phase. "Prospect" means that it is still in qualification mode & therefore it is not credited on the scorecard. System default is "goal shared."
  3. Any guess what the the #1 most asked question about Dynamics is: Where do I start? Cliff notes answer: Once you log into the system, choose “Rockwell Account Manager” from the drop down options. This will bring up your list of open leads. (Note: Most SEs mistakenly go to Sales and then Leads; and then get lost.)
  4. All leads ready for export into SAP/CRM need a valid BPID# in the designated field. Bogus or blank BPIDs will be rejected down the line.
  5. Consider "flagging" your leads before migrating them to SAP/CRM so when your manager asks you next week for your #1 lead to oppy conversion, you can identify it in CRM. Tip: Some SE's put DYN at the beginning of the name for easy identification.


Great opportunity to network in a strategic industry & awesome keynote speaker!

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SPROUT's Professional Outreach Committee

Did you know that we have a quasi "speaker’s bureau" in the region to help you with your next external customer or industry event? The mission of SPROUT's Professional Outreach Committee is to "drive more Rockwell participation in targeted external events throughout the East Region." Many of them are seeking opportunities to speak at 3rd party events. For more information, please contact Robyn Verhoff .

Featured Regional Personality

Catherine Mathisen

Catherine began her career in Industrial Sales in 1989 with Rosemount in Los Angeles, CA by selling process instrumentation and DCS systems to refineries and chemical plants. In 1991, she joined GE Fanuc selling PLCs, SCADA software, and supporting GE’s local distribution channel. After a move to Cleveland, OH in 1994, she joined GE Supply working to support their automation group by finding new business opportunities, in addition to raising 2 young sons. In 2001 she transferred to NJ, and continued with GE Supply as a Full Line Specialist. Her responsibilities included selling electrical distribution equipment, MCC’s, lighting, and PLC automation equipment, calling on end users, OEM’s, system integrators and E&C’s. When GE sold their distribution channel to Rexel, she continued with Gexpro until they closed their doors in 2011. Catherine then joined the distributor, Industrial Controls, and began selling GE, Honeywell instrumentation, analytical instrumentation, gas detection systems, and valves with a concentration on finding new business opportunities. She joined Rockwell Automation in July, 2015 as a Sales Development Representative to bring with her valuable industry experience, and a passion for sales development.

Catherine will be responsible for achieving sales growth within the eastern region by qualifying incoming leads, and prospecting into companies. Her activities include directly interfacing with customers to identify and qualify sales leads and advancing them onto the Channel or RA Account Manager. She is responsible for providing sales support to the regional team by identifying growth opportunities and collaborating to increase sales force effectiveness. In addition, she will engage in planning and executing value-add programs, campaigns and events in region.

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Q - Which of types of leads listed below is the #1 most valuable to us as a company? Type your answer in the comments section at the bottom of this newsletter.

  1. Demand-generation campaigns (ie. OEM, PLC-5, network security, etc)
  2. IIR's
  3. Major events (RAOTMs, Automation Fair, Industry events)
  4. Local events (distributor seminars, RA seminars, 3rd party local event, etc)
  5. Webinars (regional, global, North America)
  6. Executive events (CLRT, Laurel Valley, etc)
  7. Other


IIRs, or Industrial Information Resource sheets, are information sheets containing the specifications around new industrial projects breaking ground around North America. They are easily the most valuable type of lead that we can get. So much so, that even a single IIR opportunity can pay for the entire enterprise-level annual subscription to the database.

As a Field Marketing Team, our goal is to make IIRs as easy and accessible as possible. To that end, we are beginning the process of moving the dissemination of these reports into Dynamics. Still in beta mode, Kalamazoo, Philadelphia and Boston have each received approximately 10 validated IIR reports per month for the last two months. Next up, Cincy/Col, Detroit & Rochester.

For more information, please contact your local Field Marketing Specialist.

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We Are The Champions!

Do you know your designated Social Selling Champion? Every territory in the Eastern Region now has a designated Social Selling Champion that is your go-to person for help on LinkedIn. They are all members of our regional Social Selling Champions Program focused on building awareness, identifying best practices & helping us find smart & impactful ways of integrating social technology into our current customer-centric selling process.

4 Pillars of Social Selling (SSI Score)

  1. Establish Your Professional Brand
  2. Find The Right People
  3. Engage With Insights
  4. Build Relationships
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Essential SSI Overview

Automate the Message

Did you know that your customers can customize their RA digital experience by signing up for an account on our new NA Homepage, Having their own account allows them to customize the level and type of automated communication they receive based on their own personal preferences. It's about getting the right message, to the right people at the right time!