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Happy Inclusive Schools Week!

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Is your school doing anything special to celebrate? Email us pictures or stories and we'll feature some of them in our January newsletter! (

VI Teachers

Visual Impairments Information Session

Tuesday, Dec. 11th, 3-5:30pm

4421 Stuart Andrew Boulevard

Charlotte, NC

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EC Visuals Challenge!

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Literacy Strategy of the Month

It is important that special educators provide students with access to the general education curriculum. The district has organized a bank of content and curriculum resources that EC teachers may find helpful. The link below will take you directly to the teacher resources page. This page is organized by grade level, and there are reading resources available within each grade level. As you plan specially designed instruction and monitor student progress, these resources may be helpful! This toolkit is also accessible from the Canvas homepage (login through NCEDCloud-> CMS Resources on lefthand toolbar-> Teacher Resources in green at the top of the page) (

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Compliance Tip of the Month

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Stretching the limits

Did you see the recent story about The Exceptional Yoga Program? Check out the great pictures below from Winget Park (students AND teachers doing yoga!)
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Special Olympics

Special Olympics Bocce events were a big success this year. Soccer events were cancelled due to rain but Ardrey Kell High School persevered and held their own invitational at their school. Way to go AK!


Congrats on the first quarter! By now you are in the routine of going to PE. Here are some strategies and procedures to make sure students are SAFE and SUCCESSFUL while attending PE classes.

  1. Know the ROUTINE for entering the gym and MOVING immediately (such as walking, running, galloping and skipping around the perimeter of the gym).
  2. Use VISUALS to teach and redirect students.
  3. Make sure the ENVIRONMENT is free of clutter and stations or zones are designated. Sometimes putting mats up to divide the LARGE space is a good idea just to make it smaller and more manageable.
  4. CONSISTENCY is important. Keep a consistent and predictable routine in place.
  5. Teachers, be the example for the students. Stay on YOUR FEET and keep the students moving throughout the PE class.
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EC Department Resource Hub

We are excited to share the new EC Department Resources Hub, which contains links to helpful information and resources relevant for EC staff and for school leaders. You can get to the Resources Hub using the link below. We will continue to add more resources throughout the 2018-2019 school year!

Our Resources Hub can be found using the link below or by clicking the "CMS Resources" button on the left side of the page on Canvas.

Professional Development Opportunities

Did you know that the EC Department regularly offers in-person, virtual, or blended Professional Development as well as role-specific Support Groups? Click the links below to see upcoming opportunities and join us for one soon!

Elementary School Opportunities:

Middle School Opportunities:

High School Opportunities:

Extensions And SBS Opportunities:

Featured Opportunities:

We are offering a wide variety of Professional Development on the December 5th Early Release Day. Please join us!!

#420157 LIT 2018-2019 Early Release PD Series for Self-Contained (Extensions and SBS) Teachers

Research based strategies for self-contained staff. Some sessions will be make and take-bring your device! Additional details can be found here:

#420370 EXC Administering the CORE to Secondary Students

This course will preview each of the quick reading assessments that may be administered to secondary students to find the starting point for instructional remediation. It will lead the participants through the correct order of administration for teachers to establish baseline information and continue its use to progress monitor during the year. Presenters will answer questions regarding administration and how to use the data obtained.

#420258 EXC 2018-2019 Language Therapy Idea Swap
This is an opportunity for speech-language pathologists to discuss therapy ideas for working with students with a variety of communication disorders. Each session will be facilitated by a lead therapist, and participants are expected to bring an idea to present to the group.

#420338 EXC 20108-2019 - SLPs - A Look At Our Staff Evaluation Tool
This course is highly recommended for Speech-Language Pathologists new to North Carolina and /or school-based therapy who have not had any formal training on the evaluation tool supervisors use with school-based SLP's. We will take a hard look at the tool and discuss how to best advocate for recognition for your work using your observation and evaluation cycle.

#420259 EXC 2018-2019 Play is a child's Work: Speech-Language Therapy in Preschool
This is an opportunity for speech-language pathologists to learn about how to appropriately engage preschool students in evaluation and therapy.

#420337 EXC 2018-2019 Apraxia of Speech
This course is for Speech-Language Pathologists only. We will review the characteristics and treatment approaches for childhood apraxia of speech.

Join us on the next Early Release – December 5- day at Berewick ES! Sessions include Using Bookshare, Developing Metacognitive Skills, and Antecedent Interventions for Challenging Behaviors

**A special thanks to Mary Schwartz for initiating this and hosting the event! Please RSVP here- so we can plan accordingly!

Upcoming EC Department Events

Staff Round Table #2:

Thursday, December 13th

Topic: Progress Monitoring and Data Collection

Time: 4:00PM-5:00PM

Location: Wilson STEM Academy

More information:

Family Round Table #3:

Tuesday, January 15th

Topic: Community Resources and Supports

Time: 6:30PM-7:30PM

Location: Wilson STEM Academy

More information:

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