Barry 5th Grade Team Silver

Friday, January 25th, 2019

Important Dates

January 30 - PLC Early Release @ 12:50

February 1- PTSA Dance (Rescheduled Date) 6:30-8:30

February 15 - No School District in-service

February 18 - No School

Things to Remember

Please check your child's planner each night for updates on what we are working on in class, upcoming events/reminders, and behavior tracking. Your child can help you find this information, and provide more details

Read 20 minutes a night, 5 nights a week

Practice on Reflex Math 15 minutes a night, 3 times a week


In reading, we recently finished our unit on Point of View with Fiction text and began to examine how point of view can be determined with nonfiction text this past week. We have learned that fact-based text can also have viewpoints and that there can be more than one perspective or viewpoint when examining events in a nonfiction text. We have learned that a firsthand account with nonfiction text involves someone reporting on facts and events that were experienced directly because the person reporting on the event was present when the event took place. We also realized that this type of text resembles the first-person point of view in fiction text because it uses words like I, me, and my and reports events from a first-person viewpoint. We learned that second-hand accounts are text written by authors who were not actually present when an event took place and that the authors are reporting on facts and details gathered from several sources. We will continue to practice determining point of view with nonfiction text and recognizing perspectives and viewpoints with nonfiction text next week. Our next unit of study will be determining the author’s purpose.

Third quarter Accelerated Reader goals can be found on a post-it note in your child’s planner. Students on Team Silver will need to continue to work on reading at home and at school toward their 3rd quarter AR goals.

The students on Team Silver will have until the end of the day on Friday, March 8, the last day of the third quarter, to take quizzes on the books they have completed to have points toward their AR goals.

I am encouraging the children to read at a good pace and to read carefully to help them have success on their AR quizzes. The children must pass their quizzes in order to receive points toward their goals on the books they read. The point value awarded for the book also goes down with each question missed on the quiz. Students on Team Silver are given time in class to read during Reader’s Workshop but are also encouraged to read at home to help them work toward their AR goals. Students in 5th grade will receive a “W” for work in their planners for AR goals not met by the end of the quarter.

In order to help encourage students to meet their AR goals and reading goals I am asking students on Team Silver to read for at least 20 minutes a night at home for homework to help them make progress in their books. I am asking students to read for 20 minutes at home at least 5 nights a week. This is the main homework the students will be focusing on for ELA during the year other than working on writing projects or other projects that might need more time to finish.


Our next unit of study will be examining elements of a research-based argument as we prepare to write researched based arguments of our own. Some of the key ideas we will be focusing on is how a research-based argument follows a certain process for communicating the basis for an argument in the form of a thesis statement, an author’s reasons for the argument, and researched based facts to help support what the author is trying to communicate to his or her audience. We have been focusing on getting Reader’s Workshop going again this past week but will begin work on this unit soon with examining researched based arguments written by authors and identifying key elements that help the author communicate the argument to the reader in an organized way with research-based facts as support.


In math, we are jumping into Topic 6 - Dividing Decimals. This topic will include:

  • Using patterns
  • Estimating
  • Using models
  • Dividing by 1 and 2 digit whole numbers
  • Number sense

Students should be practicing on Reflex Math 3 times a week for 15 minutes.

If your child has reached fluency on Reflex, or if he/she would like extra practice, he/she may go on Prodigy. Students have this log-in information in their planner. You can get to both websites by clicking on the links below.


In science, we are continuing our study of the Earth. We have taken our test on Earth's systems and will begin looking at Earth's Water on Monday. This topic will include:

  • The water cycle
  • Earth's fresh water
  • Earth's oceans

Social Studies

Students on Team Silver have done a fantastic job of teaching the class about each of their Native American regions that they researched during our Native American Group Project presentations this past week. We have really enjoyed hearing facts and information about the tribes in each of the five regions of the United States through each group’s Google slide presentation. We have also enjoyed taking quizzes with the Kahoot application that groups created along with participating in other activities that groups designed to quiz our knowledge about the tribes in the different regions. Our next unit of study will be covering early explorers and early colonies of the United States.

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