Jacques Cousteau

information on his life and inventions

jacques cousteau inventions

Jacques was an important man.he had tons of an inventions that impacted the world. For instance he created aqua lungs so you could go under water and still breath and could stay down there and would not have to keep coming back up.it helps because know people can go under water for a long time He also he created a waterproof camera

That would let people film stuff under water.it also let them go under water and film the environment under the sea.so know people can go under water and film. The next thing he created was a TV show. This would let people watch what stuff was under the sea and information on them.it would also let you see what plants were under the sea. That is 3 of his contributions.

jacques cousteau

jacques cousteau quote

"I am not a scientist. I am rather a manager, promoter ,organizer, or an impersonator of a scientist." That was one of his quotes. This quote means that he thinks he helps scientist and mange them instead of being one. I chose this quote because it is interesting that he thought he helped scientist instead of being one.my connection is that I think that I also help students. This quote tells us about Jacques Cousteau and how he thought he is a helper instead of being a scientist. That is the quote I chose.

jacques coustea questions

do you think that getting suspended was the best thing for you? Yes because it led to all these opportunities. I know he would have answered it like that because he did. How did it fell to have your own TV show?it felt good. I liked that everyone would watch my show and learn about different things in the ocean. I know would have answered it like that because everyone watched his show. How much do you think the aqua lung helped? A lot because know they aloow people to stay under water for a long time.