Lucinda Davis

A slave of a Creek Indian

The Effect of her Enslavment

Lucinda, since she was enslaved by Creek Indians she knows much about Creek culture, food and, language.

Lucinda's Culture

Sadly since she was sold to her master at such a young age she had to embrace the Creek way of life.

How Slavery Affected White's in Lucinda's Story

In Lucinda's story, her Master just got free labor. They seemed to have treated her well, and she watched the young children, like a nanny, but she wasn't paid.

Slave Laws In Lucinda's Story

Since Lucinda lived in such a small town, and was so young when she was a slave, there wasn't many unique laws that she states. The slave owners do seem kinder than most because even after the Civil War she stays with her Master!

The aspects of slavery emphasized by abolistionists in Lucinda's story

The aspects of slavery emphasized by abolistionists in Lucinda's life were never really said. the abolistionists were soliders and suddendly broke into Lucinda's compound and home with out ever really stating their views other then the general knowledge that they were against slavery.

How Lucinda's slave state was decided

Lucinda's stayed a slave for a very long time because even when slaves were free and the Civil War was over she was still a little girl and didn't have anywhere to go, so she stayed with her master. Lucinda became a free slave when her parents found her again.