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Moving to Level 3 Instruction

Beginning Monday, December 14, WMMS students will attend school remotely by following the schedule outlined in our Fall 2020 Return to Learn Plan.

  • Students will log into Google Classroom each hour according to the schedule below and participate in class via the link provided by the teacher.

  • All assignments should be completed and submitted via Google Classroom. If a student experiences any trouble submitting work, they should email their teacher. Assignments will be graded.

  • Parents whose children receive special education services can expect a phone call from their child’s case manager to arrange intervention times.

  • Teachers will be communicating with students via email, Google Classroom, Google Meet, and will have homework help/tutoring hours from 12:30 - 2:00 every day. They will be available via phone, email, or virtual meeting to answer questions or help with school work.

  • Meals will be distributed to various locations around the community for all students. See information in Meals at Level 3 section below.

  • Students who are enrolled in Kirksville Online Academy will continue their work as scheduled.

Please watch textcaster, the WMMS website, the WMMS Facebook page, and the email address you have on file with us. If you have not updated your contact information with the school, please do so as soon as possible.

Communication is key, so please give us a call with any questions or concerns.



Julie Esquivel, WMMS Principal

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Tutoring during Level 3

The middle school schedule is set up to allow students who need additional help an opportunity to meet with teachers to get additional instruction. From 12:30-2:00 each day, our teachers are available to meet with students and provide this instruction. Students can email their teachers to set up a time to meet virtually.

Link to teacher emails

Meals During Level 3

The Kirksville R-III School District wants to be sure during our switch to Level 3 that our students still have meals available for them. The District Food Service along with Weber Bus Service will deliver breakfast and lunch to the listed sites for parents or students to pick up. A school bus will be at each site starting on Monday, November 9 from 9:15 am to 9:40.

Meals will also be available at each of the schools daily at 11:00, please call 660-626-1441 by 9:00 to arrange for meals picked up at any of the Schools to be consumed off-site.

  • YMCA 1708 Jamison Street
  • Jaycee Park 1115 North Osteopathy Street
  • Willard School 701 North Centennial Street
  • Devlin Place Devlin Place Wading Pool Parking lot
  • Memorial Park Corner of East Cottonwood and North Florence
  • Woodwinds Woodwind Court
  • University Apartments 2100 block of South Marion Street
  • Grim Drive Area Look for the bus.
  • Newton/Stinson Mobile Home Courts 1500 North Walnut Street

  • Ray Miller Elementary School 2010 East Normal
  • Kirksville Primary School 1815 East Hamilton
  • William Matthew Middle School 1515 south Cottage Grove Avenue
  • Kirksville Senior High School 1300 South Cottage Grove Avenue

WMMS Return to Learn: Fall 2020 Plan

Distance Learning Schedule

In order to increase teacher-student interaction, reduce daily screen time for our students, and accommodate various family needs during times of distance learning, we will utilize a day 1/day 2 rotation for classes. All students will follow their regular in-school schedule to participate in classes as outlined in the picture below.

  • Students will be provided with content instruction for each of their classes as scheduled. Instruction will be coordinated through Google Classroom and will include:

    • Teachers will be available on Google Meet during the assigned class period

    • Up to 20 minutes of direct instruction which, if live, will be recorded for those who have any technical difficulties or for students to reference at a later time.

    • Live discussion/Q&A interaction between the teacher and students

    • A check for understanding which will guide future instruction and be used for attendance purposes

    • Independent practice will be expected and may need to be completed after the scheduled class time

    • Grades will be taken to indicate progress toward mastery in the learning objectives

  • Students will

    • Check their school email account and Google Classroom daily

    • Use proper online etiquette

    • Log in to class each day and participate in learning activities

    • Complete assignments as instructed

    • Contact their teacher if they have questions about classwork

    • Be graded based on work completed during any period of distance learning

    • Be accountable for their academic participation and success

    • Be responsible for contacting teachers to make up work missed due to an absence

  • Families will

    • Keep their contact information current with the school office (phone, address, email)

    • Check District/School communication platforms (email, textcaster, website) to stay current on district updates

    • Support a schedule conducive to a distance learning environment

    • Contact the school on any day in which the student is unable to attend online learning

    • Contact the school to troubleshoot barriers to learning

For full details, please refer to our Level 3 Plan that begins on page 5 of this document.

WMMS Return to Learn Fall 2020

CARES Center

The CFM CARES Center, Kirksville R-III's school health center, will remain open normal hours from 7:30 am-4:30 pm daily during Level 3. We have DESE-provided Rapid COVID tests for students and staff of the district at The CARES Center. The CARES Center will remain available for routine, preventative, and sick-related care. Please call 660-956-7011 with any questions, to schedule a COVID test, or for any other need. Virtual care is still available where appropriate.

Kirksville Online Academy

For our students enrolled in the Kirksville Online Academy, your online classes will continue as scheduled. Mrs. Findling will be available via email, phone, or virtual meeting. Please contact Mrs. Findling with any questions or concerns. LFindling@kirksville.k12.mo.us or 660-626-1472.