Shockwaves The Movie

"Koyaanisqatsi meets Natural Born Killers." "psychedelic, Surreal and mind-bending." "The Tree of Life meets Andy Warhol."

SHOCKWAVES happens to be an "uncanny" "intense" and "mesmerizing" film roughly a man whose traumatic memories of childhood send him for a hallucinogenic carnival ride of self-destruction and murder. Using a surrealistic Mobius strip of alternate realities, shifting times and multiple dimensions, SHOCKWAVES weaves a kaleidoscope nightmare tapestry of abuse and revenge. Know more about dream

A “dazzling” "metaphorical zeitgeist story," SHOCKWAVES "expresses what film up to now has not been ready to." It can be "a genuinely new and original cinematic language that goes past images, entering intravenously into our visceral understanding." "The liquid blood of cinema.”

Kasumi deployed an astonishing 25,000 public domain film samples, rotoscoped and live action film clips, dance choreography, music, animation and sound design to make a work that transcends genre and blurs the fishing line between art, composition and film. This “grotesque, beautiful, and transcendent” exploration within the nature of memory and our collective consciousness is “truly a symphony with the senses.”

The unique collaboration between Kasumi and Vimeo allows viewers experiencing Shockwaves, a “remarkable achievement” in fine art filmmaking, through streaming and limited edition purchase. “As a platform that fervently supports cultural and artistic innovation through video, we have been honored to get presenting Kasumi’s first feature film to audiences worldwide in this unprecedented art opening,” said Greg Clayman, General Manager, Audience Networks, Vimeo. “Shockwaves is a powerfully articulated piece that breaks all boundaries in media art.”

SHOCKWAVES is an utterly remarkable achievement that deserves to be seen by anyone who loves film, and to be studied by artists of all mediums, not just for its amazing technical accomplishment, but also for its deep and lasting emotional impact as a story of survival and liberation.

*SHOCKWAVES 82 minute theatrical version is released for a streaming online installation accessible to rent for $9.99 for 48 hrs through VimeoOn Demand. The Collectors Limited Edition of 150 can be purchased for buy for $10,000 and immediate download. All collectors must opt-straight into “receive updates” during purchasing to have a Certificate of Authentication and DVD or Blu-ray sent straight to them.

**Curators may contact to acquire the Museum Limited Edition of 10, an 80 minute perpetual looping installation.

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