Move to Texas!!!

Asking price: $9.60 per acre


This beautiful land is located in northeastern part of Texas. With wide sky's and towering pine trees this place is a perfect place to live.

Amount of Land available

We have 35,607 acres available for you and your family to move in to.

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Our prices are:

Lumber men/women- $0.6

Farmers- $ 0.8- 1.0

Contact info

Contact me!

Jon Buckner


-You must be catholic or willing to be catholic

-You have to be a person of good moral character

-You must have a family

-You must be loyal


In the Spanish colony you have to be a Christian. You do not get a option if you want to or not. The Anglo Americans are asking you to be a Catholic. You don't have to be a catholic but then you can't live here. In the Anglo Americans Colony you have to bring your family where as if you live in the Spanish colony you have to pledge loyalty to Spain.

This is a perfect place for you and your family to move in to. With wide skys and fresh air, this palce is a perfect enviroment for you.