Shark Finning

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Now we must continue our fight to enforce these laws and make clear to the world that sharks are not ours for the taking – they are top predators that deserve to remain where they belong.

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Debate for the United Nations

Shark Finning
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Shark fins are surpassed in cost only by such foods as caviar and truffles - $100+ a bowl. This has resulted in a worldwide, dangerous trade likened to the drug and weapons trades—rife with mafia, murder, and violence.

What am I really eating?

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shark fin soup (documentary)

Breaking "Tradition"

Shark fin soup when served is considered "showing face" or honoring one's guest. Many argue that banning shark fin soup from banquets and honorary ceremonies is breaking tradition, but in truth shark in soup hadn't arisen as a "tradition". In reality, it is only in the past 50 years that shark fin soup has been accessibly to any but the most elite in Asia

"What is Bamboo United?"

Bamboo United is one of the largest triad gangs with about 20,000 members. Residing mostly inTaiwan, but also located in Singapore, and China. This violence is because of illegal shark fin trading.

Link to video: Shark fishing in Japan

Charts and Statistics

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Hazardous Health

Shark meat contains high levels of metal mercury, in fact large fish like sharks, tuna and swordfish feed on smaller fish and can accumulate high levels of environmental pollutants like mercury. The risk increases as off-shore pollution increases and as more people eat more fish including shark.

Why don't people know about it?

Consumers are largely unaware of the origins of shark fin. Studies in Hong Kong and Taiwan show that consumers have little understanding of where shark fin soup comes from, of overfishing, of illegal shark fishing or of the practice of finning. This implies that with proper education, consumption patterns could change dramatically.

What can I do?

Visit to become a shark's angel, and earn your wings. Raise awareness, and spread the world over the truth about shark finning!
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