Operation Barbarossa

Sunday, June 22nd 1941 at 10am


The German Army Groups had their main objectives as the oil fields in Caucasus, secure Moscow, and secure Leningrad.

Who's Involved?

In Operation Barbarossa, close neighbors Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia are the main combatants. They fought because both armies were preparing to attack the other and Germany took the first move.

German Army Generals


The German Army's main tactic for Operation Barbarossa was to continue with their highly-successful tactic of 'Blitzkrieg'. The way the Germans accomplished this was by using four million soldiers from the Axis powers along with 750,000 horses and over 600,000 armored vehicles.

Outcome and Impact

Operation Barbarossa had extreme success in its initial stages with the Russian army out-gunned and out-trained, they had to desperately hold on to their remaining resources to make their counter-attack and push back the German offensive. The long-term events of this battle would be the German army's eventual defeat.