4th Grade Memories

by: Lilly and Ryley


I liked learning geometry because you got to get to learn about different shapes. Another thing i liked learning about was angles because we learned about 90 degree angle that is right angle and and there is 180 and that's a straight line a 360 is a circle.


I liked doing prediction because it was interesting to find out if you were right or wrong but sometimes you will not find out. I liked inference because you didn't have to be right. We also liked doing the grammar packet for our work time.


I liked doing are own cloudy with a chance of meatballs because we got to have fun making up a story like the movie cloudy with a chance of meatballs and make up a town name. Also I liked making it rain all sorts of funny foods.


I liked making the robot cars in Mr. Marique's class and battling them because it was amazing looking at which one would win the battle. i also liked seeing who's robot car weighed the most and racing them to see who wins.

Social Studies

I liked doing the giant posters because you got to learn more about a famous person and be creative.i liked doing the immigrant smore and doing then in three different ethnic groups that came to america.


I liked making the still life because you got to draw any kind of fruit and do shading. I liked doing the tin foil faces because you could do any face that you wanted you could do your own you could do your friends or you could make one up it did not matter.


I liked the recorder because it was fun learning the new songs. I also liked the recorder because i liked learning new notes every day and doing recorder karate. We liked singing before we did the recorder.

Phy Ed

I liked the 50 meter dash because I liked improving every time. i liked doing the 800 meter dash doing to 2 times around we did it two times and i improved 30 seconds my best score was 4 mins 30 secs. I liked playing all the tag games in the gym and outside.


i liked getting old books from the library and getting to keep them so you had a good book to read. I liked watching the videos on how to stay safe on the web because I know to not share any personal information. We also liked watching all the brain pop videos to learn about different things


I liked learning about friendship and how to deal with friends in the future. I liked learning about not to smoke and the bad things in it because sometimes if family members smoke you say you wont and you might actually start. We both liked watching that video about drinking and smoking and not doing it in front of your children because you can act way different around them so now we know not to ever do that.

Madison field trip

I liked the bus ride because I got to be with my friends. I liked getting to sit in all different chairs they have in the capital. We also both liked eating lunch outside with our friends and have about 45 mins.

Bulldog bash

I liked hearing all the classes getting the golden awards and hearing that our class got a golden award. i also liked getting golden awards and listening to Mrs Zimmer talk. We also liked doing the brown county library play they did with the little girl and dog.