Assassins Creed IV



Assassins creed,the action game,is fun to can be Edward, the assassin and a pirate.Edward and the jackdaw,his ship, can travel across the seven seas and defeat the templars.the templars are the people who would want to control the world,who want control.only edward can stop them

the Jackdaw

The jackdaw is the powerfull ship edward sails.He uses his ship to sink other boats like the Man-o-war.this boat is the most powerful ship that sailed the can upgrade the Jackdaw from cannons to the sail


When on land,their is animals that can be hunted and skinned to craft objects like armor.You can hunt from trees and do an air assassination on jaguars.Edwards gun can be useful when hunting animals including monkeys and can even harpoon the great white shark and the humpback whale


The main reason people play this game is because it has features like no other game.this game is realistic and has 3d animation.there is billions of people playing this game right now.people play this game to live by the creed,and play as the assassin.