International Space Station



The International Space Station (ISS) is like satellite that is below the earth's orbit.The ISS is a model structure.The first station that was launched in 1998.The space station program is a joint project with 5 agencies NASA,theRussian Federal Space Station,JAXA,ESA,and the CSA.
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The picture shows what it looks like to be below the earth's orbit.
The ISS is where the crew members get to do eperiments like astronomy,human biology,and many other fields.The International Space Station is also where the astronauts live.The station is to test space craft systems and many more.The station is divided into two sections the USOS and the ROS.
This video shows how the parts to the International Space Statiion was put to space.Also it shows all the part put together and the full body of the space station.It is a lso a timeline of the ISS.
This other video is showing what the members are doing for the fuiture and the next generation.(promise to the future.)
The International Space Station existed for about 12 years and 159 days.The space station costs about $150 billion dollars.The reason why NASA and other agencies was to create the ISS is to conduct scientific research.The ISS is also a microgravity space environment.
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This is a picture of the space station in the shows most of the equipment in the space station.
Earth HD| Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS
This video shows how time elapsed during space.Also it shows what the earth looks like from space.
The space stations is tested for future technology.The five agencies represent 16 nations that contributed with this project.The laboratory is for new industrial material.
When the construction is completed altogether the ISS weighs about 925,000 pounds.It is almost 361 feet long from the front to the back.It's almost a little bigger than the football field including the end zones.
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This is a picture of the space station.It is all the parts they use to put together the ISS.In the right corner it show the inside of the station.
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If you are in the station at night when you look out the window you can see the world and how it looks like.