Getting Ready for eLearning Days

The first eLearning Day will be November 10th

Are you using Canvas? Have you:

  1. Added Your Photo
  2. Named Your Courses
  3. Set a Course Homepage

The following link can guide you through these first steps!

What will eLearning look like for our students? (by Dr. Minskey)

Madison County School teachers will use Canvas to post assignments and lessons. Students access Canvas on their personal technology device. The learning management system is completely web-based. On eLearning days, students will complete lessons/assignments created by their teachers in Canvas. These lessons/assignments will be aligned to the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards. Teachers will be checking Canvas during breaks throughout the day to answer questions.
Remember, we have an assembly on Monday (Gold Day) and then eLearning on Tuesday (Blue Day)! Both days' assignments could be a Canvas quiz since you may not see one class or a group of students for the Veterans Day activities.

How to Create a Quiz on Canvas:

How to Make a Quiz (or test-like assessment) in Canvas

How long will each student be required to work and what will they be doing?

(According to Dr. Minskey's email)

  • Each teacher will be creating a lesson that follows the curriculum. They will have 3-4 class periods of work to complete. The approximate time required to complete each assignment is length of each class period.

  • These lessons may include videos, internet research, online quizzes/assignments, commenting on a forum, writing a paper, creating a presentation, or anything else the teacher deems relevant to the curriculum.

How to Create an Assignment in Canvas:

Creating Assignments in Canvas

Paige Craig, Buckhorn High School

Library-Media Specialist &

Technology Integration Mentor