College And Career Future

By-Grace Ver Meer


In my future I want to be a veterinarian, the reason I want to be a vet because love of animals, always want to help out animals and I love being around animals. My Job is kinda like this have you ever gotten a cold, then you go to the doctor or the clinic. That is what I am but for any kids of animals to help them out of fixes them.

Pros- work with animals all day, I get paid, get to help them, meet new people who bring in there animals.

Cons- Turn them away, not help them, give them the wrong advice, they die and don't live.

If you want to become a vet you need to go to 4 years of college, anatomy biology, zoology, animals science, chemistry, microbiology are all the classes you need to take.

In 2012 there 70,300 jobs were open in the veterinarian.

Math will help me in this because if I need to write a prescription and I will haft to do a percent of a certain thing it will because if I mess it up the might get sick or die.

College/Iowa State

Iowa State College was founded in 1858, no one person founded it because it was a land grant from the from the city. The location of Iowa State is in Ames, Iowa, this is a public school, the size of the college is 1,795 acres and 28,893 undergraduate enrollment.

Some of the majors are laboratory, dentistry, health, Hospital, Human science, Law, vet, business.

Malls-North Grande Mall, Grocery Stores-Farway, Hyvee, Aldi, Restaurants-Hickery park, Pizza Ranch, King Piri Pizza, Perkins, Publin Bay.

They do Sports and Acedemic Scholarships, they do grants, loans.

Sports-football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, golf, wrestling, baseball, swimming, track

Greek Life- sorority, fraternity

Dorms- you can bring anything to your room that seems reasonable but no animals, and you can stay in which ever dorm you want

Food-(halls)Towers, New RCA, Old RCA, Frily, memorial union

Cost-1 meal, 9.80 dollars-10.16, 4 main meals you can select from for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Iowa State is a great college for me because it offers a great vet school one of the top schools in the country. My dad went there and I have wanted to go there since I was born.


1.How to get apart of the volleyball program

2.How to get into the vet program

3.How to get into the sorority house

4.How to get you classes that you are going to take

5.How many different classes do i need to take


7.Volunteer work



10.Breaks, Calendars


1.mascot, cyclone


3.Location-Ames,Iowa 25 most beautiful schools in the world

5. basketball ranked 4th

6.volleyball ranked 12th

7.ABC computer was invented there

8.Wresteling ranked 17th

9.1,795 acres

10.28,893 students