.France capital is Paris

.major languages: Latin,English

.location continent : Europe

. population:66.03 million

.average age:39 male:38 female:41

.Life expectancy:82.57


  • General seasonal weather: cold in winter, in summer
  • average yearly rainfall: 867 times in 2014
  • average temperature: June, July, August have a nice average temperature. 40 mild 30 in regular day.;
  • The have there own business on making wine producing culture.



. music:tem

. government: semi-presidential system

. religion: roman catholic

.food: bread, croissant

.sport: football

insteresting facts

.a health issue:Lung issues

.some native animals: alpine beix, raccoon dog European black widow

.It is legal to marry a dead person


.landforms: massive central, the alps which it only has the tail of it, also the gorges du verdone

.architectural : eiffel tower, arc de triomphe, dune of pyla


France is a warm , romantic , and is famously known for it breads. It also contains beautiful mountains and rivers. It is very cool because of its weird but cool laws , and animals .France also have health issues, but overall it is a very beautiful country.